There's a lot of stuff to download for several programs - go ahead and grab it!

In the Matlab section, you can find quite a few handy M-files to further expand Matlab's massive functionality. In addition to general functions, two subsections offer tools for fMRI data analysis and visualisation (mostly SPM-related; deprecated) and for the analysis of 2D movement trajectory analysis.

The Presentation section offers clones of some classical games such as Tetris or Sokoban, backed-up by a small but handy script to boost Presentation's logging capacities and a few other scripts.

In the E-Prime section , you will find some demo experiments, ranging from scripts for collecting non-standard responses all the way to an all-mighty experiment master file. Of course, there's also a way to get rid of E-Prime's normal .edat2 lofgfiles and write custom logfiles instead.

The R section houses the latest version of the schoRsch package. This package bundles several functions that may be useful for behavioral scientists who are working with R. First and foremost, the package features functions to format the results of common statistical tests according to the style guidelines of the APA (American Psychological Association).

Studium (German)


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