Downloads: Presentation

Downloads: Presentation

This section featues three demonstrations of Neurobs' Presentation power as an arcade game engine. The games were written in Presentation 13 but should start in any version of Presentation. All three games stick to their classical predecessors (Tetris, Sokoban, Minesweeper) as closely as possible; Prokoban even ships with a level editor to further increase your gaming experience. You can also find them on the webpage of Neurobehavioral Systems (links below):

Pretris Prokoban Prinesweeper









Presentation offers several ways of creating custom logfiles - but I was never really satisfied with the built-in methods and created a little script to customise the output.

The basic result is a tab-delimited .txt-file - ready to be read into your statistics program without the usual excessive recoding sessions.

Ok...this program might be a bit pointless...but if you ever wanted to display the mouse curser as presentation line graphic, here's your new best friend :-).

It is also available on the Neurobs homepage.

This .sce file helps you with tidying up your experiment. It provides a subroutine to sort any numerical array in ascending order. Neat and organised.

The script can easily be implemented in any Presentation experiment by copying and pasting the code.